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Fort Mill, South Carolina’s estimated population is 17,557 according to the most recent United States census estimates. Fort Mill, South Carolina is the 26th largest city in South Carolina based on official 2017 estimates from the US Census Bureau.

Originally called “Little York,” and later “Fort Hill,” Fort Mill eventually took its name from a colonial-era British fort and a grist mill that operated on nearby Steele Creek. … After the establishment of the Fort Mill Manufacturing Company in 1887, Fort Mill grew into a major center for textile manufacturing.


Fort Mill has grown in size over the last 20 years. Fort mill is a picturesque little town that is full of history. In the town itself, there are unique shopping opportunities along with your typical small town entertainment.


Entertainment and Activities:

Fort Mill has an abundance of activities for anyone and everyone. Fort Mill is an iconic, southern town. Fort Mill’s Main street offers unique shopping, dining, and cultural events. Because the city of Fort Mill is approximately 150 years old, it is rich with local history that makes it a charming southern town to live in.

From the Millbank Community, downtown Fort Mill is within walking distance. Whatever your pleasures are, this quaint southern town can provide! If you are interested in southern culinary, the Local Dish, Hobos, Improper Pig and Southern Sugar are excellent dining venues to visit. What about coffee? Fort Mill has the one and only Mud Puddle! This coffee shop offers exquisite cups of coffee that will fulfill any coffee connoisseurs dreams. Finally, Fort Mill also has its own local brewery called the Amor Artis Brewing. In you are interested in partaking in local craft beers, Armor Artis may be your place. We will go ahead and start your tab now.


  Within Fort Mill itself, there are multiple “villages” and town centers. These town centers include areas such as Baxter Village and Kingsley. Baxter village is easily one of the most popular areas in Fort Mill. Baxter Village has great places to eat, drink and shop all in one area right in the center of Fort Mill.  Local businesses, a library, YMCA.

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Location is everything. The community of Millbank is located just steps away from the Fort Mill Golf Club and provides unbelievable access to downtown Fort Mill, Baxter Village, Kingsley and even South Charlotte.


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